The Cure (Mint Green / Desire / Orchid Pink)

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he Cure (mint green / desire / orchid pink)is a silkscreen print by Damien Hirst on Somerset Tub. The print, produced in 2014, shows a large two-colour pill in the centre of the composition. The pill is rendered by Hirst in two tones of pink, Desire and Orchid Pink. The pink of the pill contrasts with the Mint Green backdrop of the print. The bold, contrasting colours resonate with the Pop Art aesthetic that is closely associated with the work of Pop artist, Andy Warhol.

The Cure (mint green / desire / orchid pink) is one of thirty silkscreen prints that compose Hirst’s The Cure series. In this series, Hirst renders a singular pill in a combination of two colour tones against a bold and vibrant coloured backdrop. Each pill in the series has a unique colour composition, making the series lively and dynamic, despite the repetition in subject matter. The series is based on the minimalist aesthetic of the medicinal pill which reflects the confidence of the pharmaceutical industry in their products and their healing abilities.

The Cure series is not Hirst’s first exploration of modern medicine. The artist has a long-standing interest in medicine and pharmaceuticals. While studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths in the late 1980s, Hirst produced an installation called the Medicine Cabinets in which he filled medicine cabinets with his grandmother’s old tablet packets. In his Eat the Rich series, produced later in 2017, Hirst further develops this interest by depicting tablet boxes and pharmaceutical packaging, instead of simply focussing on the pharmaceutical products themselves, as he does in The Cure series.

28 3/10 × 20 1/10 in
72 × 51 cm