Kay Bojesen Wooden Bear Christmas

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Height 15CM
Material oak and maple wood
Desinger Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen (1886–1958) was an apprentice of Georg Jensen, training as a silversmith in 1910. After a few years in Germany and France, he began working as a silversmith in Copenhagen. In the 1930s he realised there was something particularly lively about wood, and his wooden figures have made him one of the great pioneers of Danish art manufacture. Happily, Kay Bojesen was far too curious to restrict himself to the work of refining metals, and he began experimenting with other materials. In the course of his exploration, he discovered wood as a material with very special possibilities for industrial treatment and styling. This discovery led to the classic guardsmen and a whole zoological garden taking shape between his hands.

Kay Bojesen wooden bear was first made just a year after his famous wooden monkey, way back in 1952. Throughout the years, this little bear has warmed the hearts of many whilst stimulating the child within us all. Created from Kay Bojesen’s original drawings, the moveable limbs allow numerous positions.