KAWS Campana BFF Chair

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Material Plush toys, Stainless Steel, Cumaru Wood

Size 36 × 50 × 40 in / 91.4 × 127 × 101.6 cm

The chairs are also immediately identifiable as part of the furniture series that the Campana brothers have been adding to for over a decade.

For each design, the São Paulo-based duo combines sets of soft toys – from generic animals to icons like Mickey Mouse – into giant cushions to be sat on. The Campanas are renowned for using unusual, and often found, materials to create sculptural furniture pieces – with examples including rope and doormats.

The cuddly toys are secured to a supporting structure, which also attaches to simple legs.

This set includes an armchair and a sofa formed from pink figures, and another seat made with black toys that also have round blush noses. All have wooden legs, with the darker design's painted to match.